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Bad things happen good people. We help good people get good things.

During the Great Recession of the last several years, so many people were affected in many ways. Whether one bad decision, an unfortunate circumstance, or health bills piled up, people became overwhelmed and fell behind.

Don’t worry, it happened to good people just like you.

Rebuild Your Personal Credit

The process can be long, slow, and painful for someone trying to rebuild it on their own. And if you filed for bankruptcy, rebuilding your credit can be even more miserable. Spartan Credit Advisors has the process and systems to keep you accountable and get your credit high in no time.

Tips to Rebuilding Credit

Some tips on how to rebuild credit are listed below:

  • Obtain a Secured Credit Card – By getting a secured credit card, you start to show creditors that you are working on creating a positive payment history. There are so many out there it can be confusing to find! Let us help you pick the perfect card for your situation.
  • Build New Credit Habits – By creating new spending habits (such as only going out for lunch once a week and paying off the payments monthly), your decisions to make payments in full and not make minimum monthly payments will go a long way.
  • Charge What You Can Afford –If you cannot afford it then don’t purchase it. Sounds simple, but most of us are triggered to be “impulse buyers” and knowing ahead of time that we aren’t buying things we cannot afford will do wonders for you mindset.
  • Pay Everything In Full, On Time – As mentioned previously, paying everything off on time and in full will do wonders. The last thing you want to do is get behind and have an account go to a debt collector. Remember, your credit report contains information for seven years! Keep it clean!

Spartan Credit Advisors has helped people in your situation. Check out some of the people we have helped rebuild personal credit.

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