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Do Not Let Your Past Hold You Back!!!

Today we live in a society that judges our reliability and credit worthiness by the content of our credit report. If your credit rating is stellar, chances are you will have access to different monetary opportunities. On the contrary, one may encounter many closed doors if one's credit is not in good standing.

What if it wasn't your fault? What if you lost your job or source of income, had a medical emergency, or some other personal crises prevented you from making a timely payment?

Should you be forced to pay the consequences for the next 7 to 12 years?

Unfortunately, the current system doesn't take into account life circumstances before reporting negative and damaging information on your credit report.

We at Spartan Credit strongly believe that in a democracy, everyone is entitled to a defense. Consumers have the right to obtain representation and face their accusers armed with their legal rights.

The credit bureaus should have to back up any derogatory information they sell to creditors regarding your credit files. Congress and the law are on your side. If your defense is presented properly, whether your credit report is accurate or not, it is usually more difficult and costly for the creditors to prove the information is correct than to simply remove it. This is where Spartan Credit Advisors come in with our expertise.

There is a federal law (FCRA) which gives consumers the right to request the deletion of false or mistaken entries on the credit report. That same law curtails the creditors' ability to report debts which they cannot prove or verify.

Spartan Credit Advisors, are proven industry leaders who are versed in state and federal laws, and are experts eliminating false and unverified reporting. We, at Spartan are armed with vast knowledge of the law and will utilize it to repair, rebuild and rejuvenate your credit.

"You Deserve a Second Chance and a Better Tomorrow"

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