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Do You Need Your Credit Score Boosted in 30 Days? Check This Out.

After spending a combined 30+ years in consumer financing, the team at Spartan Credit came up with the solution to a problem that many consumers are facing.

A client of Spartan Credit came to their office after getting ready to close on their house. The clients were in distress as the wife's credit score dipped below 600. If the client couldn't get their mid credit score above 680, the dreams of closing on their new house, along with losing earnest money, crept through their minds. And worst of all, they only had twelve days to fix everything.

This is where Spartan Credit stepped in.

How Can I Change My FICO Score Immediately?

The client of Spartan Credit, Edward and Setlana, needed to get their Mid-Score above 680 in order to continue the process and purchase their house. While most credit help agencies say they can do this, most do not have the industry knowledge to understand how to adjust your score.

After Spartan Credit reviewed their application and situation, Edward and Setlana were excited to work with Spartan Credit to have the situation resolved quickly and efficiently. Spartan Credit went right to work and in 10 days, they raised Setlana's mid score by 124 points! While this isn't a normal situation, by raising Setlana's mid score, everything moved along quickly and the thankful client was able to close on their new house, according to schedule.

There are two types of situations where Spartan Credit and its Expedited Services program will work. Spartan Credit Advisors will look for a FICO situation where they can raise your mid level score. The second type of situation that Spartan Credit Advisors look for is incorrect content in your credit report. By starting at one of these two situations, Spartan Credit Advisors will be able to give you a better idea and understanding if your situation applies to them.

Spartan Credit Advisors wants clients to know that not every client who applies for this amazing service will be accepted. Also, most clients need to understand that there are certain limitations to what Spartan Credit can do. The Expedited Services program has a successful rate of 87% and can take 30 - 60 days for the full effects to take place.

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