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Judgement Removal

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After a collector takes legal action against you in court, they may get a judgment. You will figure out if a lender has sued you because they will forward you legal documents called a summons and complaint. A summons and complaint is generally a document which declares things such as "You are being sued as the defendant. Please respond within 30 days."

What is a Judgment and How Creditors Can Use It Against You

A judgment is a state court record that lets the creditor apply legal actions to collect capital to fulfill the judgment. Judgments also become a lien in opposition to any land or real estate that the defaulter owns in the county wherein the judgment is docketed.

Bankruptcy voids any sort of judgments built upon debts accumulated prior to the bankruptcy filing, making them uncollectable, and unenforceable against real estate. After you have declared bankruptcy, a judgment can no more be used to collect money from you. This is normally insignificant because the judgment is declared null and void by the creditor and the bankruptcy may no longer use it to collect money.

Besides declaring bankruptcy, removal of these judgments takes knowledge of the system and time. Federal, state, and local laws continuously change and can be confusing. While removing these judgments are essential in cleaning up your credit report and credit score, you need to be dealing with more important things.

Having all of your records, payments, and correct data is important to removing these judgments. Let the Spartan Credit team, the professionals in judgment removal, help you put your case together to clean up your credit report. It is important to start now before credit laws change and make it tougher for individuals to fight for their right of good credit reporting!

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